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Love is inside you! Give it to yourself and others. Enjoy your body. Love and be loved. Fill everything you touch with love. Don’t forget to rest and take care of yourself.


Prosperity, business, initiative, patience, fertility, healing. Motherhood, enjoying yourself and your body. Love for people is the ability to accept and love anyone. Abundance, feminine. Growth, development, multiplication, profit, stable business, income growth, finding a profitable job. Balance and connection of Yin and Yang. Beauty, comfort, coziness, harmony. Pregnancy, childbirth, motherhood. Mutual love, date, acquaintance, probability of marriage. Work in the field of beauty, design, agriculture, education, household.

Upright Meaning:  

Excessive sexuality, manipulation of one’s beauty. Bitchy character, hysterical, unhealthy competition. Lack of growth, inaction, loss, uncertainty. Problems with pregnancy, negative influence of the mother.

Reversed Meaning:  



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