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Life Spirit Oracle

Two Decks, One Revolutionary Simple System.

Just ask your question and get clear, direct steps on how to improve your life or handle any situation.

With Life Spirit Oracle you'll get easy-to-follow advice and simple to-do lists to start making changes right away.


Forget about learning Tarot or figuring out complex card spreads.


Life Spirit Oracle Deck


ToDo Cards Deck


2 Decks Contains

           Life Spirit Oracle deck contains:

  • 44 cards deck based on Amber Tarot Deck

  • Our cards are made to last, printed in Italy on sturdy 320 gsm paper.

  • Lovers of gold, rejoice! Each card features gold foil stamping.

  • At 80x120 mm, these cards are perfect for easy handling.

  • They're finished with a soft varnish for a luxurious velvet touch.

  • The set comes in a durable magnetic box (170x130 mm) with ribbons, keeping your cards safe and handy.

  • Included is a colorful 160-page guidebook (120x160 mm) to help you explore the Tarot.

  • And it's all 100% eco-friendly.


ToDo cards deck contains:

  • 25 cards

  • A6 Size I05x148 mm (4'x6')

  • 320 gsm Paper

  • Full Color Print

  • Cards Box

  • 100% Ecological

  • Printed in Italy

Use our "To-Do Cards Deck" along with the oracle to get a clear understanding of how the 22 energies affect you. This deck gives you specific actions to help work through these energies. It's like having a guide for taking steps to better any situation.

Together, these decks help you improve your life, connect with the world, and reach new levels in both practical and spiritual ways.



22 Energies of the Universe

Our oracle is all about the 22 energies that shape our world. These match the 22 Major Arcana in tarot and are key to the Destiny Matrix, a special numerology system. They all come with lessons we need to learn.


Gold Foil and Silk Fill Lamination

Lovers of gold, rejoice! Each card features gold foil stamping. They're finished with a soft varnish for a luxurious velvet touch.


Two Sides of the Same Energy

Each energy has a good side and a challenging side. When they're positive, they help things go well. When negative, they can cause problems. These energies change over time, going from positive to negative and back. By understanding and working with these energies, we can turn them into positive forces and make big changes in our lives.


How to use it

It comes with 44 cards: 22 in color to represent good vibes and 22 in black-and-white for the challenges.

The guidebook breaks down each energy and shows you how to work with it.


Simply ask a question, and find out what energy is at play in your life—is it boosting you or holding you back?

With the oracle’s guidance, you can balance your energies, change hurdles into chances for growth, and increase your spiritual connection.


Take a card:


Color or B/W?

Got a colored card? This means the energy around your situation is positive, and you're on the right track. No need to worry, things are looking good. You can read the card's meaning and advice on keeping things positive.


Pulled a black-and-white card? It shows the energy has turned negative, and it's time to work on improving it.

Here's what to do:

  • Read the energy's meaning.

  • Look at the positives and negatives of this energy. Notice which ones apply to you in this situation. If they're positive, it's what you're doing right and should keep up. If negative, these are areas for you to work on.

These cards help you see things differently, learn how to get better, and stay away from the bad vibes that hurt our world. They're a quick way to grow and change for the better, leading you to a happier path and helping you make a positive impact



We made special To Do Cards for you. Each card shows the good and bad sides of different energies and gives you steps to make the bad stuff good.  

Don't fear the black and white cards! A black-and-white card is your chance to recognize what needs to be changed in your life.  It's your opportunity to turn negatives into positives and make the most of this energy for your benefit and everyone else's.



Shift to Positive: ToDo Cards


Unique Guide with Real Tips


Check out our Detailed Guide Booklet. It's a colorful handbook to help you tackle your karmic tasks, featuring:


160 Pages Booklet


  • An explanation of each energy.

  • How this energy shows up as good or bad.

  • What people act like when they're feeling the good or bad vibes of each energy.


This simple yet powerful tool uses your birth date to map out the energies that guide your life. It's like getting a personalized chart of your karmic energies for this lifetime.


The Destiny Matrix helps you understand your strengths, face your challenges, and discover the tasks you're meant to complete. It's a roadmap to knowing your true self and navigating life with more ease. With information, based on your very own birth date, you can embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. 

 Life Spirit Oracle gives a quick energy check-up, using the Destiny Matrix Method to show what’s going on with your vibes right now. Handy for spotting what needs a boost or what’s doing great. It’s your go-to for instant insights, helping you figure out your next best step. Let’s see what your energies are up to today!


Get ready for our new Kickstarter launching!

 Coming May! 


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