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Embark on a transformative journey with our exclusive duo of spiritual guidance tools, crafted to illuminate your path and unveil answers to life's most profound questions. Introducing the Life Spirit Oracle Deck and the ToDo Cards - each designed to offer distinctive insights and strategies for navigating through life's challenges and seizing its opportunities.


Dive into the mystical world with the Life Spirit Oracle Deck, drawing inspiration from the legendary imagery of the Amber Tarot and Ryder Waite's major arcana. This deck features a straightforward "Yes/No" system, designed to delve into the essence of daily challenges and reveal the underlying causes of events. Simply ask a question, draw a card, and let the color guide you to your answers with the help of our Oracle Guide Book.


The ToDo Cards deck emerges as a multifaceted instrument, showcasing the duality of life's energies. It provides you with a "ToDo List" of practical steps for positive change, helping you to realign with the universe's rhythm. This deck is your ally for rapid decision-making and gaining profound insights into any life scenario.


Together, these spiritual tools create an unmatched framework for deep personal exploration and enlightenment. Ideal for those on a quest to resolve life's riddles, make empowered choices, and tread a path of self-enhancement. Start your transformative journey today and reshape your life with our guidance decks.

Life Spirit Oracle +ToDo Cards

  • Set include two decks: Life Spirit Oracle and ToDo Cards Deck.

    Life Spirit Oracle

    • 46 Cards 80x120mm  (extra size tarot cards - 4.13х5.83 inch)
    • The cards are printed with gold foil on unique silk paper
    • A large 160-page booklet describing energies in negative and positive meanings, coinciding with the Matrix of Fate method
    • Magnetic box 125x175mm

    ToDo Cards Deck

    • 25 cards
    • Size 105х148 mm (4.13х5.83 inch)
    • 320 gsm Paper
    • Full Color Print 
    • Cards Box

    All products are printed in Italy from 100% eco-friendly materials.

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