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Unique Amber Tarot Deck - An exclusive edition for mysticism enthusiasts and collectors, perfectly suited for both beginners and experienced Tarot practitioners. The deck comprises 78 cards featuring real people, costumes, and settings, photographed on film without editing or Photoshop, giving each card a special authenticity and depth.


Coins - ChatGPT600 coins will give you the opportunity to ask 200 questions on our new website, where we have combined ancient Tarot wisdom, modern psychological approaches, and the latest advancements in AI.


Dual Purpose - The deck serves not only for divination and meditation but also as a unique artistic work. Each card is an art piece, capable of becoming part of a personal collection.

The set includes a detailed guidebook to help understand the deep meanings of the cards and various spread methods.


The Perfect Gift - This deck is a wonderful present for those interested in esotericism and magic. It's not just a functional tool but also an exclusive collectible item.

High-Quality Printing - The deck is printed in Italy on quality materials, using 450 gsm cardboard and a wear-resistant coating, ensuring durability and a premium feel during use.


Characters of the "Amber Tarot" Deck - Each card portrays unique characters that perfectly match the energy of the arcana, each carrying their own unique story and wisdom, embodying key Tarot archetypes.

For a more profound effect, you can use our other decks that expand possibilities for divination and meditation, included in the All in one set.

Amber + 600 Coins

    • 78 cards. Size 70х120 mm
    •  400 gsm Paper
    •  Coated with a smooth varnish  
    • Printed Booklet Size 70x120 mm  
    • 2/3 Lid Box with silk-feel lamination  
    • 100% Ecological
    • Printed in Italy
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