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A perfect set for those who already have an Amber Tarot deck or another favorite Tarot deck!


Dive into the mystical realms and uncover the secrets of your destiny with our Mini All in One Set. This exclusive collection combines All our products except an Amber Tarot Deck one comprehensive set, designed to offer unparalleled insights and guidance on your spiritual journey. Whether you're a seasoned tarot practitioner or newly drawn to the esoteric arts, this bundle caters to all levels of curiosity and expertise.


The system includes:


  • The Life Spirit Oracle for engaging with the energy of the Major Arcana using the Destiny Matrix method.
  • The To-Do Cards Deck – a set of cards for detailed work with each energy.
  • The Book of Spreads & Map, featuring a unique system of spreads designed to address a variety of life's questions.
  • The Tarot transformer - Ad-onn to Amber Tarot, comprising 5 additional cards, enables the transformation of one deck into three distinct systems: English, Marseille, or Rosicrucian.


Together, these four components along with your favorite deck form an integrated system of self-development and serve as a powerful tool for personal growth and self-knowledge.


Why Choose Our System?


- Integrated Approach: Our four-component system works in harmony to provide a comprehensive tool for deep self-knowledge and personal development.

- Empowerment: Armed with insights and clarity, you'll be ready to face life's challenges with confidence and make decisions that align with your true self.

- Transformation: This isn't just about understanding who you are; it's about shaping who you can become. Prepare to meet the best version of yourself.


Take the First Step Towards a Brighter Future.

Your journey of self-discovery awaits. Embrace the power of our oracle system and unlock the doors to a life filled with purpose, understanding, and growth.


Order Now and Begin Your Transformation!

Mini All In One Set + Tarot transformer

  • The Set includes:

    Life Spirit Oracle

    • 46 Cards 80x120mm Cards (extra size tarot cards - 4.13х5.83 inch)
    • The cards are printed with gold foil on unique silk paper
    • A large 160-page booklet describing energies in negative and positive meanings, coinciding with the Matrix of Fate method
    • Magnetic box 125x175mm

    ToDo Cards Deck

    • 25 cards
    • Size 105х148 mm (4.13х5.83 inch)
    • 320 gsm Paper
    • Standart card Box

    Tarot transformer

    • 6 additional card for transformation
    • 400 gsm Paper
    • Coated with a smooth varnish
    • Box with matt lamination

    The Book of Spreads & Map

    • A 100-page booklet with detailed instructions and spreads.
    • A5 Size I48x210 mm (5.8" x 8.3")
    • 180 gsm Paper
    • Full Color Print
    • 25 Author's Spreads
    • The 420*290 mm Spreads Guide Map will help answer your questions

    All products are printed in Italy from 100% eco-friendly materials.

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