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Unique Fusion of Tradition and Innovation - Elevate your tarot practice with this exclusive deck, blending three revered systems (French, English, and the rare Rosicrucian) into one powerful tool. Accompanied by special cards, it allows for a seamless exploration of diverse mystical traditions in your readings.


The Perfect Gift - This deck is a wonderful present for those interested in esotericism and magic. Not just for readings, each card is a piece of art, perfect for enthusiasts and collectors.

High-Quality Printing - The deck is printed in Italy on quality materials, using 400 gsm cardboard and a wear-resistant coating, ensuring durability and a premium feel during use.


Free from Editing - Featuring 78 film-photographed cards without digital edits, each card offers a window into real scenes and characters, providing a genuine depth to your readings..


Characters of the "Amber Tarot" Deck - Each card portrays unique characters that perfectly match the energy of the arcana, each carrying their own unique story and wisdom, embodying key Tarot archetypes.

For a more profound effect, you can use our other decks that expand possibilities for divination and meditation, included in the All in one set.

Tarot Transformer

  • Amber Tarot Deck

    • 78 cards. Size 70х120 mm
    • 400 gsm Paper
    • Coated with a smooth varnish
    • Printed Booklet Size 70x120 mm
    • 2/3 Lid Box with silk-feel lamination

    Tarot transformer

    • 6 additional cards for Amber Tarot Deck transformation
    • 400 gsm Paper
    • Coated with a smooth varnish
    • Box with matt lamination
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